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About Seacrest

Seacrest Capital is an international private equity manager that invests in the global offshore oil and gas exploration and production industry.

Our primary focus is to leverage geophysical information, data and interpretations with technical expertise and industry relationships to expedite the build-out of a diversified, global portfolio of de-risked, drill-ready and high impact license positions. We also selectively invest in development and production assets. With our current resources under management, Seacrest has become one of the largest independent exploration companies in the world.

Careful management of environmental, social and governance issues are at the heart of Seacrest and all our portfolio companies. As custodians of capital and as investors in resource businesses, putting these issues at the core of our strategy makes good business sense.

Seacrest believes that the prevention of accidents and ill-health, the protection of the environment and the prevention of pollution are essential to the efficient operation of its portfolio companies. Seacrest and all our portfolio companies are committed to achieving high standards of health, safety and environmental protection through global implementation of their HSEMS (Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems).

Our Corporate Responsibility policy is designed with the objective of building value through developing sustainable long-term relationships with its partners and the community.

Seacrest is a committed member of the communities in which it operates. Vibrant, cohesive and happy communities are important for the wellbeing of Seacrest people and our partners and we believe that community wellbeing contributes positively to Seacrest’s success. As part of this active community engagement and commitment Seacrest, directly and through its portfolio companies, contributes to community sporting organisations, charities, community outreach programmes and academic scholarships.
Organizations we support include:

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