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Our Strategy

Seacrest creates the opportunity to realize the significant upside potential of exploration in a manner designed to more effectively mitigate a number of the risks and operational constraints associated with the traditional exploration approach.

At Seacrest Capital, we build and grow Upstream energy businesses that focus on exploration, appraisal, development and production in offshore basins around the world. Established in 2010, Seacrest has grown to become one of the world’s largest independent offshore exploration focused managers with a global presence. The Seacrest portfolio companies focus on each of their geographical areas with varying strategies tied around a central theme of leveraging our in-house capabilities along with the seismic and other geophysical data and expertise from our strategic partner. This enables us to de-risk and accelerate value creation from exploration to development.

The importance of the energy industry
Energy is the world’s largest industry sector. Fundamental to all economies, the exploration, development and production of new sources of oil and gas is an important and vital business, with many opportunities for investment.

Liquid and dynamic market
The Upstream sector of the industry has a high volume of deal-flow for all types of exploration, development and production projects, providing the means to make investments, create value and ultimately monetize these asset.

Energy for life
The global Upstream business is multi-faceted; involving geology, technology, sociology, politics, history and economics. Our people are passionate about the oil & gas business and are deeply involved on a professional and personal level. It is much more than just a job for our people, it’s who we are and its what we read about on vacation.

Company builders
Our focus is on building and growing companies. By combining Seacrest expertise and our trusted team of energy entrepreneurs, with the strength of our strategic partners, our application of advanced technologies and innovative business models, we give our portfolio companies an unprecedented environment to create success.

Speed to market
We push ourselves and our portfolio teams to challenge accepted industry models. By utilising a shared resource model internally and with our strategic partners, we reduce expected timelines and costs and accelerate results, without compromising on the quality and diligence of our operating activities.

Alignment of Interests
The Seacrest and portfolio company teams invest their expertise, networks, time, reputations and own money alongside our Limited Partners’ investments. Our organizations are flat, and we focus on what make things work. Simple and powerful.

3D seismic data has for some time been the technology of choice for oil and gas industry explorationists helping them locate and identify drilling prospects. In recent years there has been a huge leap forward in the usefulness of this tool with the introduction of ‘broadband’ seismic. Our strategic partner is the leading player in this technology and routinely produces the highest quality 3D seismic available in the service industry with its unique proprietary high definition broadband systems and deployment strategies. Through this partnership, Seacrest has access to a library of extraordinarily high quality seismic data which allows its portfolio companies to interpret and analyse in a way which is substantially superior to the majority of the industry.

As a consequence, and in parallel to the development of higher resolution seismic, there have been great strides made in some of the more specialised analytical tools that are only now starting to deliver their full promise of being able to identify rock and hydrocarbon fluid types directly from the seismic data. Inevitably technology of this complexity requires true experts to deliver their full potential. Seacrest has been able to engage a number of globally recognised experts in this field, ‘quantitative interpretation’(QI) and rock physics, allowing us to further improve our ability to recognise and de-risk the ‘drill ready’ prospects that our business plans call for. In addition, we are developing our own proprietary algorithms and workflows, including some non-seismic methods, which we expect will enable us to further increase our portfolio value and improve our chances of success.